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For the last several years we’ve been providing programs about Maine’s northern forest to encourage reading and learning about our natural world.  

ALLAGASH TAILS has announced a raffle of $1,000 value (see the list of prizes ) to fund our visits to historical societies, libraries, and schools who do not  have the funding for programs.

People interested in donating for a ticket are welcome to send a check made out to ALLAGASH TAILS to address below.  I’ll mail receipt in return mail.


Tim Caverly

220 Morgan Lane

Millinocket, Maine 04462

There is a special feeling to the Allagash; a sense of adventure, the thrill of getting away from it all! But in the dark of night there is something else. A shadow lingers, hiding beyond the reach of the lantern’s fingers of light. It remains obscure in the midst of the evergreens and old growth. Among the campfires and s’mores, a bone chilling draft embraces all. Shivering, we draw our coats tighter to protect against the rawness.

If your group or organization would like to invite Tim to speak about the Maine woods and Allagash Tails, please call him at (207) 907-0517.