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Meredith Bay Colony Club

Feb. 23, 2017
I have had Tim Caverly at my facility [Meredith Bay Colony Club in Meredith N.H.] several times to present his original works and autobiographies. They are formatted to a big screen and Tim is extremely engaging and talented when it come to connecting with his audience. The presentations are well thought out and gives you a feeling of being in the moment. I have also interviewed Tim on my radio show called, Aging Well. My co-host is always excited when we are going to have him back on the show. There is a certain element of anticipation that leaves you wanting to hear more after seeing a presentation or hearing him talk about life as a park ranger. In closing, I would highly recommend one of Tim Caverly’s programs for any organization that facilitates history, community enrichment, or the arts.
Diane Ruggiero
Activities Director