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Review by Quoddy Tides

Caverly takes readers to the North Woods by J.D. Rule Quoddy Tides Jan. 27, 2017
It is tough to describe a story told at 20 degrees below zero as “heart warming,” but many of Tim Caverly’s tales in his new book, The Ranger and the Reporter, are just that. From the Extraction of an ice-bound heart attack victim—-with a happy ending—-the breaking up of a back-country fistfight, to the rescue of an antique steam locomotive, Caverly’s stories all are in the North Maine Woods and are told in the dry, matter-of-fact manner of one who was there.
Caverly, the author of the “Allagash Tails” series is a former Maine park ranger and supervisor with extensive experience in the Allagash region. He draws on personal recollections and legends to take the reader to places where only a few would care to venture but many are curious about.