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There is a special feeling to the Allagash; a sense of adventure, the thrill of getting away from it all!

Enjoy your own copies of tales that come directly from the heart of the Maine woods.  

Or invite author Tim Caverly to visit your organization and hear his stories.  

Andys Surprise Cover

Allagash Tails is proud to announce the release of a new children’s book, ‘Andy’s Surprise.’

The story about a Maine moose who one day receives the biggest surprise ever. Geared for the three-year old and up, the tale takes place in the heart of New England’s wild river-the Allagash. The account is based on an event I witnessed when working as a Maine park ranger.

The publication is an illustrated 600-word book which contains 16 full color drawings and 4 coloring pages created by the multi-talented Franklin Manzo Jr. The story also serves to introduce youngsters to the Maine moose, the largest member of the deer family.

Andy’s Surprise is perfect for the young of age and young of heart, readers alike will enjoy this treasure from the wildest part of the northern forest.

Don't forget  to include the stuffed 8 inch Aurora moose wearing a bandana proudly displaying the name Andy. Great to cuddle with while reading! The perfect gift!

Andy the Stuffed Moose

Young Readers enjoying as Susan Caverly reads 
about the adventures of Andy the Moose

Paul Sevign  

Maine Atlantic Salmon Museum

Holden, Maine 


Thanks again for entertaining us with your wit and wisdom [at the Maine Atlantic Salmon Museum meeting of May 19th, 2017]. I just finished Solace, and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reliving being in the North Maine Woods–‘thank you’ isn’t enough.


Tim Caverly is a fantastic speaker. His presentations will capture the adventurer, the historian and the lover of the outdoors. Caverly brings a sense of humor that others in his line of work seem to overlook. If your searching for a show that will teach you a thing or two, keep you on the edge of your seat and give you some good laughs, Tim Caverly’s programs are for you!

 Tyler Rose 

 Executive Director

Sawyer Foundation 

 Chris Crowley 


Union 103 


Mr. Caverly’s visit to our school [Beals Island on April 13th, 2016] was awesome. He held the attention of our students who really had a blast. The radio classic play was wonderful as it made a great connection to what they had already read.

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