The Ranger and The Reporter


Maine author Tim Caverly’s sequel to “Solace” The Ranger and The Reporter set in Penobscot County. Reluctant reporter trainee interviews a mysterious ranger

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Cub reporter Margaret Woodward has been given an assignment she doesn’t want!

The editor for the Penobscot Basin Times has sent her to interview retired ranger James

Clark; a secretive Maine woodsman.  Other’s have tried to write the man’s story; but none have been able to break through the outdoorsman’s blunt exterior.  Instructed to complete the report- Margaret visits Bangor’s assisted living community; where “old man Clark is expected to live out his final days.”

In this sequel to the popular book “Solace”- tag along with our reluctant newspaper trainee who struggles to uncover the mysterious ordeals of a wilderness ranger.  Will she ‘get her story’ or will Margaret discover there is more to a person’s life than waiting for an inscription on a tombstone- even hers?


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