A Wilderness Ranger’s Journal


Prequel to Allagash Haunting, this mystery adventure set on Maine’s Allagash River.

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There is a special feeling to the Allagash; a sense of adventure, the thrill of getting away from it all! But in the dark of night there is something else. A shadow lingers, hiding beyond the reach of the lantern’s fingers of light. It remains obscure in the midst of the evergreens and old growth. Among the campfires and s’mores, a bone chilling draft embraces all.

Shivering, we draw our coats tighter to protect against the rawness In this mystery adventure, journey with ten-year old Olivia as her family continues to canoe the world famous Allagash River. In the prequel to the popular An Allagash Haunting, they’ve only been on the water for four days and already Livy has experienced enough to last a lifetime. She can’t believe all that has happened, right in the middle of no-where.


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